Traditional Jewelry’s Influence on Modern Life

Posted on: 10/29/2017, by :

Although this site is focusing on the traditional origins of jewelry, it’s still worthwhile looking at where we are at today.

Jewelry features in many parts of modern day life, and sports jewelry is no exception.

A Google search will show you retailers selling handmade and vintage goods, as well as sterling silver sports jewelry that feature football charms, basketball earrings etc.

Sports jewelry

Even sports retailers have started selling jewelry.

Where do you think for phone holders, bracelets, running apparel, sweatbands, wristbands, headbands, sports wallets all come from?

Think about it. They all have an origin….they are all products resulting from the evolution of ancient jewelry.

So if you’re even involved in sports, you will find certain types of jewelry that is suitable for your particular activity. This has been a source of intrigue for me because I remember being at school, we were specifically told to remove all items of jewelry before we started our sessions.

But today, things seem to be changing. If you enjoy listening to your music while going out for a run, you can get yourself a phone holder that attaches to your bicep. Although technically this is not jewelry per se, its origins definitely stem from traditional jewelry.

Bodybuilding Jewelry

One thing that’s captured my attention the most and is the concept of “bodybuilding accessories.“

This is jewelry that’s specifically designed to complement a muscled physique, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.

You can find, stainless steels necklaces, that are usually oversized and thick, braided leather and steel dragon bracelets, stainless steel and rubber bracelets, savage leather and steel bracelets, tribal bracelets, cable and carbon fiber bracelets, HB signature belts midnight sun pendants, midnight Sun bracelets, stainless steel vital necklaces, stainless steel Brooklyn necklaces, stainless steel Gemini Skull rings and the list just goes on.

Everything is thick and heavyset, just like the user. Some of the designs are quite interesting for instance; you can pick up tribal pendants and empress chains as well as colossal chains which all are all copies of the originals. I find this type of jewelry very interesting and attractive. But one thing is for sure, that thick-set items will definitely not complement a skinny physique like mine.

Although I do work out a few times a week, for me to complement any of these items, I have a lot of work to do in terms of changing my body and making it resemble that of a Greek god. A friend of mine recommended for solid results. Apparently they’re not steroids as such, they created from natural ingredients and I’m all for natural!

Car Jewelry

You can even get encrusted diamonds and crystals for your car! This is something that’s becoming a growing trend in some of the oil-rich Gulf countries such as the United Arab Emirates; while I  think it’s safe to say that this will probably not catch on in the West because it appears to be an acquired taste.

Fitness Trackers

The latest craze appears to be fitness trackers. Fitness trackers are essentially bracelets that utilize technology to help track your steps, your heartbeat and other activities that you may do during the day.

Fitness trackers are essentially watches and watches are essentially bracelets, and bracelets have a long and rich history in many cultures and civilizations across the ancient world. So the link between yesteryear and today in terms of jewelry is very clear.