Who Am I?

Thanks for visiting my site. As you can probably guess from the title, I am completely obsessed with jewelry. My name is Barry Farrell and I am based in the Birmingham, UK. I’m a 4th generation jeweler and hail from a family that’s sold, studied, loved jewelry for over a 100 years!

For me, jewelry has to be beautiful and it usually is, and that’s why it’s cherished forever.

People buy jewelry for different reasons. It could simply be an impulse purchase to remind someone special that you care for them and create a truly magical moment. From rings, necklaces and bracelets, jewelry has in its many forms, the ability to express what’s truly in one’s heart.

My great great great grandfather and his sister had a strong passion for jewelry and they were both massively ambitious. They wanted to create a high street brand (and no, I will not be revealing the name!) that would potentially change the conventional high street.

They managed to build a great team made from great people and a formidable network across England. Fast forward 86 years, independent jeweler chain over 200 shops. Our in-house experts have helped over 5 million customers create magical moments year after year.

But that’s enough about the business, is more on the purpose of the site. I am passionate about jewelry and the people involved in the making of jewelry. I can have an obsessive tendency for finding the perfect necklace, earring, ring bracelet if someone asked me.

The purpose behind this site is to educate my audience on journey which involved studying the history of jeweler for five years. What I learned was simply gob smacking. Many of the things that we take for granted today including phone holders, wristbands, sweatbands as well as other so-called modern day accessories are all inspired by ancient jewelry.

Hope you enjoy the site!